Hi. We're madder. We reimagine waste to bring you beautiful, high quality textiles, starting with bedding, for up to 50% less than traditional retail prices.

  • sooooft organic cotton

  • dyed with plants

  • made locally in the USA

  • planet first mindset

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A new kind of zero waste ♻️

An estimated 2-4% of newly manufactured textiles are made with minor, cosmetic imperfections. Most of these textiles are perfectly functional, but often end up in a nearby landfill completely unused because they look a little different.

We rescue high quality, consciously crafted goods made with minor, cosmetic imperfections & pass savings of up to 50% on to you.


Sweet dreams are made of plants 💤

The best kind of pillowcase to snuggle up with at night. Our plant dyed pillowcase 2 packs are soft on your skin and easy on the environment.

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Shop sheets for better sleep 💤

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