How it works

Minor mishaps, major impact (on the planet & your wallet)

We rescue new, perfectly functional, sustainable products made with minor, cosmetic imperfections and bring them to you for up to 50% less than the retail price. 

Wait, wait. Back up. How does that work?

Every now and then, textile manufacturers make small mistakes that leave a product looking a little different from the rest. In fact, an estimated 2-4% of all textiles manufactured are made with small, cosmetic imperfections. 

With more competition in the textile manufacturing space popping up every day, an increasing number of new, unused, fully functional products are ending up with a one way ticket to the nearest landfill because they don't look perfect.  

So we set out to reduce textile waste and normalize the little imperfections by bringing sustainably manufactured products with minor cosmetic mishaps from planet-focused brands to you.

After all, isn't it the differences between us that make us interesting?

While every imperfection is unique, these are the four different types of minor mishaps you might see on your new favorite sheets:



Most imperfections are hardly noticeable and with your help, we can change the way we think about perfection, bring sustainably made products to everyone at a more accessible price and clean up the planet in the process. 

Plant dyes

We only use plants, nontoxic minerals and recycled rainwater to dye our products. Each product we dye is completely unique and slight color variation is to be expected. You can take a look at all of the plant powered shades we create on our color swatches page.

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