Supply chain

The choice to work with brands that make products close to home was an easy one. We're excited to have the opportunity to work with makers in the country who provide unmatched industry knowledge and insights. We work with family run farms, mills, plant-based dyers, and sewers who are as invested in making sustainable products as we are. 

As soon as we started our search for partners, we quickly understood that American textile production was a dying industry. Generations old manufacturers were shutting their doors as more production moves overseas, and entire communities are at risk of losing their livelihood. That's why we believe in growing our business alongside our partners, and bringing some color back to local manufacturing.  


Organic Cotton

All products are made from organic cotton that is grown, spun, woven, dyed and sewn 100% in the USA. 

Why is it better? Organic cotton is grown with 91% less water than conventional cotton and without the use of toxic herbicides and pesticides. Pesticides and herbicides contain carcinogenic chemicals that are not only harmful to the farmers working with them but contaminate local water supplies (yes- here in the US, too). Check your city's or county's water report if you're curious what "allowable" amounts of carcinogenic chemicals might be lurking in your water. 


American Blossom Linens only makes their products in two colors - natural and white. The natural products are made without the use of dye and the white products are colored without the use of bleach or toxic chemicals. All other colors are dyed by us with nontoxic plants and minerals. We are actively exploring how we might be able to use leftover dye water as fertilizer for nearby farms. Some ingredients we use are:

  • madder
  • indigo
  • marigold
  • avocado 
  • cutch

Mills and Sewing Partners

American Blossom Linens has their own team of weavers and sewers in Thomaston, Georgia. All of their workers are paid a fair wage and most have been working with their family owned and operated mills for years. As we grow, we look forward to working with more small manufacturers around the country to not only bring the best products to you, but to have a positive impact on the communities we work with.


We never use plastic packaging. Our shipping boxes are made from 100% recyclable cardboard, and we use vegetable ink to add our logo.

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